Poetry Experience Reflection

My experience with the poetry recitation was overall a good experience. At the beginning I chose a poem at home, called “Volley of Words.”But when I arrived in class the day after, I realized that the subject that I selected would make it very difficult to find the types of poems required for the poetry handbook. So when we went into the computer lab to choose our subject and poem, I quickly chose a poem called “You Have The Right To Feel You Are Successful.” And decided to make my topic about Success, but this time what I did not pay attention to was the poem and the fact that I would not be able to change poems once it had been approved by my teacher. It was really boring, long and repetitive. So on Monday my teacher brought us into the computer lab again, to choose a Shakespeare Sonnet. I selected Sonnet twenty-five “Let Those Who Are In Favor With Their Stars.” I decided to make this poem the one that I would recite, I talked to my teacher privately and he was kind enough to let me change poems and I committed that poem to memory. The recitation of the poem went smoothly, I waited until I planned my recitation out before I raised my hand to volunteer. I decided that I would look at my audience, but put my hands in my pockets, because when I give speeches I either have to put my hands in my pocket and look at my audience or have good speech posture and not look at my audience. The recitation of my poem went smoothly though, my heart raced a little bit, but I managed to recite my poem clearly and smoothly. Overall, I am happy with the job that I did, I think this assignment was really worth it and am grateful that my teacher let me change poems, because my experience with the recitation of my poem may have not been the same if it wasn’t for that.

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